*that* girl... (urbangeisha) wrote,
*that* girl...

John Baldessari and POP Life

Went to Tate Modern today with some friends and checked out the above listed exhibits, along with the giant installation in the Turbine Hall ( http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2009/oct/12/miroslaw-balka-turbine-hall ) by Miroslav Balka. It's kinda cool. I am actually really getting into architecture a lot more since being here - I was already interested but now am becoming slightly obsessed!!

Had a nice glass of red afterwards and chatted with two of the girls for a while - Kat is having a fancy dress initial themed party in 2 weeks time. Only catch - it's in Brixton! Should be fun though. Not sure what I'm doing for Halloween, but yet again I've failed to get a costume in time!!! Dangit. Oh well.

I am putting myself on a responsible eating plan - I have been well and truly Healthrow Injected!! Ouch...

So. Gym in the morning and healthy eating! Yay! (damn...no more PFC on the way home drunk...haha)

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