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Summer is coming!

I just read my last post. Since then, there've been a few changes - not least of which was the  weeks I had no heating in -2degree temps with snow and blistering wind. Ace, thanks landlord.

Yep, it's gotten warmer, and I've been distracted by galleries and exhibit openings, friends visiting, meeting new friends, saying goodbye to old friends, and generally making good use of the warm weather! My mother still tells me it's cold when it's 21 degrees though. :)

A new friend of mine just shared his blog with me; reading the noted thoughts of someone who you have just met (and gotten to know only a little) can be quite interesting. At the same time as the internet provides an anonymity, it also reveals more due to the imagined anonymity. I feel quietened and thoughtful after reading these thoughts he's decided to share.

On another note, I've just spent a disgusting length of time listening to daggy and embarrassing pop music. Yes, I was singing along with it. I'm calling it karaoke prep. My housemates called it musical shame. :)
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