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some people wear their heart upon their sleeve

i keep mine underneath my right pant leg, strapped to my boot...

*that* girl...
17 December 1984
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My telling teenage journal.

Many angst, much cringe.
1920's, abandoned places, alternative lifestyles, anais nin, ani difranco, art, arthouse movies, australian music, b grade horror, bargain hunting, blogs, books, boots, brett whiteley, british comedy, bubbles, burlesque, caffeine, cheese, coats, coffee, colored cigarettes, corsets, costumes, cross stitch, culture, dangly earrings, daria, david bowie, david lynch films, day tripping, dead can dance, designing clothes, dita von teese, dreadlocks, drum and bass, edie sedgwick, edith piaf, electric blankets, electronica, ella fitzgerald, eloise, eskimo kisses, fafi, false eyelashes, feather fans, feminism, fetish shoes, fire twirling, fishnets, flash mobs, florence broadhurst, foreign languages, free verse, funky clothes, garter belts, gloves, hats, heels, indy films, intellectual conversation, jazz, jeff buckley, jill scott, kevin smith, kissing in the rain, knitting, le tigre, leg warmers, live music, magical realism, makeup, making stuff, modern art, music, nail polish, night jasmine, nights, novim.net, old films, op shopping, paganism, painting, pearls, pentagrams, people i don't know, performance art, performing, photobooths, photography, piercings, pj harvey, playing guitar, poetry, pois, polaroids, portishead, radiohead, rain, red lipstick, red wine, road trips, satire, scarves, sewing, sex, shoes, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, snuggles, something for kate, songwriting, stilettos, stitch and bitch, storms, strong women, subversive cross stitch, sydney, tank girl, tarot, tassel twirling, tea, the beach, the cure, the l word, the smiths, thrifting, tim burton, tori amos, travel, twee, urban exploring, vamps, vaudeville, vintage, vintage pin-ups, vivienne westwood, wine, witchcraft, women, words, writing, yen magazine, zines