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cwaffee and soho square...

 slept til 12 today. much needed lie in :)

washed some clothes and my hair and my self, then rocked into soho for a coffee and panino at milkbar. mmm....good antipodean coffee! walked through soho square in the sun which was lovely too.

leave for paris tomorrow, will be seeing a play on friday night with amy - am excited, haven't seen any theatre (aside from the musical kind) in ages!

would love to see some physical theatre (ie from the school of meyerholdian antics!) sometime soon too.
missed out on wine and cheesefest in mile end due to needing to come home to pack. knew should have done that last night but had had a few pints and decided that pizza and talking shit and watching tv with ellie (my housemate) was a far better plan!

best be off to pack now!

Tags: cwaffee, london, my life, travel
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