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Paris gave me sore feet!

3 days in Paris is totally not enough.

Although it probably was enough poorly constructed sentences and bad accents for all the Parisiens! I walked around everywhere, went on a river cruise and saw all the touristy stuff from the Seine...stumbled upon the Musem of Natural History, went to le Jardin du Luxembourg after  a massive walk from the 13th through the Latin Quarter past the Sorbonne to St Germaine, then back south through all the gourmet food places!! Le Grande Epicerie is THE single most amazing foodie experience I've had thus far. AND the most divine macarons I've ever tasted!!! Heavenly! There have been crimes perpetrated against macarons, let me tell you.

Then we picked up a bottle of 3 euro wine, and went to the gardens sat on deck chairs around the perfectly manicured lawn, and ate bread and cheese, macarons de pistache, and took some awesome lemony beer (panaché) and amazing banoffee pie back to the hotel room...where we ate more!

My hostel was great too. 4 bed dorm, great view, a/c (necessary due to the 31 degree days!) funky flocked wallpaper, free internet, free continental breakfast (very tasty) and really really friendly and helpful staff, who all spoke english, such a relief! I mean I am all for speaking the local language - at least a bit - but it is very tiring because you have to think constantly, it's not an easy relay of information.

Was amazing...though the metro is kind of like a scummier and smaller version of the tube...Paris was so hot that everything smelled more than usual. Where London smells of drain, Paris smells of piss. Charming, but true. It charmed me anyway.

I am inspired to take up french again now after busting out the awful high school and phrasebook french...

Also - I want to get a yearly Velib pass! The Velib scheme is amazing, there are stations every 300 metres throughout the city, and you just swipe your Navigo pass (i think somewhat like an Oyster card??) and away you go, bicycle complete with basket on the front, lights and a lock! Then when you are done you just park it back in another Velib station. First 30 mins free, next is 1 euro.

Clearly no one needs a car in Paris, between the metro, the RER, the velib bicycles, and the buses...but really, everyone mostly walks!

I have to say also that the Eurostar is my new favourite thing! I slept most of the way there, it was so comfortable and smooth, only took 2 hours, and the food they sell is yummy too...

Also, Customs? What Customs?? You walk up, show your ticket and your passport and they look at you and stamp it, then you go through! AND THEY ARE SO POLITE! Such a contrast to the rude bastards on UKBA. But then again, that would be expecting customer service in the UK! Ouch... :)

So verdict? Parisiens are so undeserving of the bad rap they get - I found them to be extremely polite, and generally lovely people.

Next stop - Venice!

I'll post some pics of Paris when I upload them. V tired tonight so having a quiet one...


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